Professional Services, Support Agreements and Emergency Support

Professional Services

The Norris Hospitality team have both experience account managers as well as certified and trained engineers in the Oracle Simphony and Opera.

Areas of Consulting we can assist with include

  • Micros e7 or 3700 Audits and recommendations
  • Simphony Audits and Health Checks
  • Opera Audits and recommendations
  • Menu planning and design
  • Materials Control and myinventory
  • Simphony Upgrades and Implementations
  • Opera Upgrades and Implementations
  • Resolving specific problem issues
  • Micros Server Migrations
  • API Interfaces to 3rd party systems

Support Agreements

Leveraging our 25 years of experience in the IT Managed Services field. Norris Hospitality is your go to company for all things Point of Sale.

We have a range of Support Options

  • Fixed Price unlimited remote support plans.
  • Schedule onsite Reviews and Maintenance.
  • Prepaid Block Time

We do this by loading a small management agent on your equipment. This agent allows us to

  • Monitor your equipment for such things as imminent failure of components – including hard drive, memory, motherboards. This will allow us to resolve any potential critical issues in most cases prior to them becoming a problem resulting in outage for you.
  • Monitor software issues including corruption, additional software loaded or potential virus activity
  • Perform Operating system patches and security patching on the equipment.
  • Finally if need be we can remote into your system for more complex issues within minutes

Imagine – you have an outage – in most cases we will be automatically notified and can remote in and resolve the issues within minutes. All this is fully tracked within our ticketing system – you are kept in the loop throughout the whole process.

Emergency Support

We understand that you depend on these systems. If you are having an issues, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. The problem you having may have a simple fix which we can supply over the phone. If the problem is more difficult then we can give you advise for a work around or quote you to resolve it.

A few things of our Capabilities

Professional Services

We will spend some time with you to diagnose the issue. If we can do a quick fix remotely we will provide you with a quote and sort out the issue immediately.

If not we will outline a plan of action to get you up and going and on approval implement it as quick as possible. POS Advantage have a large stock of spare parts and refurbished terminals to get you up and going quickly.

We understand that Micros issues can bring your business to its knees.

Our support plans are designed to keep you operational. We have a selection of plans to meet the requirements of all business sizes. Our support plans will lower your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and include options for

  • Business hours, after hours and weekend support.
  • Monthly maintenance on you your equipment and servers.
  • Proactive issue detection and monitored AntiVirus
  • Remotely access your equipment with minutes.
  • Offsite backup for quick restoration.
  • Fast response guarantee.
Proactive Support Plans
Professional Services

Our Professional Services Team provides consulting on all areas in the hospitality industry. This can include

  • Roll Out and Implementation of Simphony
  • Deployment of New Menus and changes
  • Micros Server Upgrades (including New server Equipment)
  • Interfaces to third party systems
  • Training – Our Trainers are used by TAFE
  • Custom Reporting
  • Consulting

Norris Hospitality has access to a full range of both new and refurbished Micros Equipment

New Equipment
  • Oracle Micros Workstation 610,620,650
  • Oracle Micros Compact Workstation 310
  • Oracle Micros Tablet 721
  • Oracle Micros Printers
  • Oracle Micros Kitchen Display
  • Oracle Micros Bump Bar
  • Licencing
  • Cash Draws
Refurbished Equipment
  • Micros Workstation 5, 5A and 6
  • Printers
  • Kitchen Display Units

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We can help you with all your Micros  or Simphony questions or request a free audit