BREEZE – Cloud Based POS Solution

Cost-Effective Cloud Based POS

Norris Hospitality offers the Breeze POS System. Breeze can be used with android mobile tablets and can also have fixed POS or both.

As the hardware is android based Breeze is a cost-friendly Food and Beverage Point of Sale System ideal for small cafes right up to large restaurants.

Breeze covers every aspect of Food and Beverage


Fixed POS and /or mobile tablets. For any Food and Beverage facility from a small coffee shop to a top fancy restaurant.


Enhanced Loyalty Module for points accumulation and redemption, vouchers and rewards.


For the most efficient and organised kitchen. Replace traditional printers with touch screen that never allow a chef to loose an order.


Include a call centre to centralise order taking. Dispatch to manage deliveries in each location and Driver’s delivery app.

Keep App

Intelligent Stock Management-cloud based management of materials and raw materials


  • Specific POS system for all types and sizes of restaurants. Fast food, pubs, cafes and confectionaries
  • Multi-property soft restaurant, central configuration and real time reporting
  • Promotions by pre-set rules in POS restaurrant for discounts, happy hour, menus with fixed or variable prices
  • The most powerful kitchen monitor system through KDS Breeze
  • Loyalty and Marketing for customer management through POS restaurant (loyalty discounts, points earned, vouchers)
  • Remote authorisation by email for sensitive operations
  • Timing module integrated in POS restaurant Breeze


  • Cash Management and money drawers
  • Multiple images-you can upload as many images as needed for the product. Waiters can show customers images of the product
  • Item Availablility-allows you to set your existing product inventory and calculate and display your remaining stock in real-time
  • How to manage deliveries and take away
  • Soft restaurant with reservation mode
  • POS restaurant with Offline mode allows you to continue working even if internet access is not possible at that time