Oracle Micros Materials Control

Effective Industry Management

The Norris Hospitality team have both experienced account managers as well as certified and trained engineers in the Oracle Materials Control. Oracle Hospitality Materials Control is a comprehensive procurement, inventory, and cost-control system that provides essential data, including cost of sales, effective revenue, stock on hand, order proposals, and stocking requirements in real time.

Materials Control is MICROS’s full-featured solution to manage purchasing, inventory and costing in the hospitality industry. It provides information necessary for food and beverage management such as cost of sales, effective revenue, stock on hand, order proposals or stocking requirements in real-time. Orders, purchases and deliveries are monitored automatically. Installed at thousands of customers globally, Materials Control has a proven track record of an average cost reduction of 2-3%. Its mobile solutions offer further time savings of up to 60-70%.

A wide range of interfaces to Point-of-Sale systems, back office solutions and suppliers enable best-in-class connectivity. The flexible architecture allows for scalability and various deployment options. And of course Materials Control can handle multiple currencies concurrently.

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  • Preferred inventory management
    solution for hotels
  • Real-time data tracking for cost of sales, stock on hand, order proposals, and stocking requirements
  • Comparison of actual to planned stock usage
  • Transmission of purchase orders from within the application via e-mail, fax, and B2B interface to suppliers to expedite ordering/receiving processes
  • Simple configuration of articles (SLU groups)Quick Service, Kiosk, Ticketing, Retail and more
  • Authorization workflow to efficiently control potential expenses


  • Ability to compare prices and assess their impact on planned purchases
  • Supplier assessment with bid
  • Adjustments solution to manage complex freight, duty, and custom addon costs
  • Mobile solutions for orders, receipts, transfers, and inventory counts
  • Reduces costly food expenses by tracking waste and loss
  • Shifts the focus of your staff from inventory maintenance to providing an enjoyable guest experience
  • Allows for faster and more accurate transaction processing with mobile solutions

A few things of our Capabilities

We will spend some time with you to diagnose the issue. If we can do a quick fix remotely we will provide you with a quote and sort out the issue immediately.

If not we will outline a plan of action to get you up and going and on approval implement it as quick as possible. POS Advantage have a large stock of spare parts and refurbished terminals to get you up and going quickly.

We understand that Micros issues can bring your business to its knees.

Our support plans are designed to keep you operational. We have a selection of plans to meet the requirements of all business sizes. Our support plans will lower your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and include options for

  • Business hours, after hours and weekend support.
  • Monthly maintenance on you your equipment and servers.
  • Proactive issue detection and monitored AntiVirus
  • Remotely access your equipment with minutes.
  • Offsite backup for quick restoration.
  • Fast response guarantee.
Proactive Support Plans
Professional Services

Our Professional Services Team provides consulting on all areas in the hospitality industry. This can include

  • Roll Out and Implementation of Simphony
  • Deployment of New Menus and changes
  • Micros Server Upgrades (including New server Equipment)
  • Interfaces to third party systems
  • Training – Our Trainers are used by TAFE
  • Custom Reporting
  • Consulting

Norris Hospitality has access to a full range of both new and refurbished Micros Equipment

New Equipment
  • Oracle Micros Workstation 610,620,650
  • Oracle Micros Compact Workstation 310
  • Oracle Micros Tablet 721
  • Oracle Micros Printers
  • Oracle Micros Kitchen Display
  • Oracle Micros Bump Bar
  • Licencing
  • Cash Draws
Refurbished Equipment
  • Micros Workstation 5, 5A and 6
  • Printers
  • Kitchen Display Units

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